Unitatea didactica de baza pentru studiul de Reglementare si control

Nowadays, the regulation and control engineering has an essential role in a wide range of control systems. A system can be mechanic,

electric, chemical, etc. and the mathematical modeling, analysis and controller design uses control theory in time, frequency and complex-s

domains, depending on the nature of the design problem.

The Basic Teaching Unit for the Study of Regulation and Control, “RYC/B”, is designed by EDIBON. It allows students to learn the most

important concepts about Regulation and Control in an easy and comprehensive way.

The unit is provided with a set of practices, through which the user will understand how to characterize integer systems, first order systems

and second order systems, and how the PID controller and the Lead & Lag controller work.

Producător: Edibon

Model: RYC/B

Cod: d8e797c4b20f

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Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


The Basic Teaching Unit for the Study of Regulation and Control, “RYC/B”, allows the user to learn the basics about regulation and control of first and second order systems.

This unit enables to carry a set of practices related with basic regulation and control, through which the user will understand how to characterize first and second order systems and how a PID controller works.

The unit has three modules: reference signals, PID Controller, first order system and second order system module.


RYC/B/ICAI. Interactive Computer Aided Instruction Software:

This complete software package consists of an Instructor Software (EDIBON Classroom Manager - ECM-SOF) totally integrated with the Student Software (EDIBON Student Labsoft - ESL-SOF). Both are interconnected so that the teacher knows at any moment what is the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students.

- ECM-SOF. EDIBON Classroom Manager (Instructor Software).

ECM-SOF is the application that allows the Instructor to register students, manage and assign tasks for workgroups, create own content to carry out Practical Exercises, choose one of the evaluation methods to check the Student knowledge and monitor the progression related to the planned tasks for individual students, workgroups, units, etc... so the teacher can know in real time the level of understanding of any student in the classroom.

Innovative features:

• User Data Base Management.

• Administration and assignment of Workgroup, Task and Training sessions.

• Creation and Integration of Practical Exercises and Multimedia Resources.

• Custom Design of Evaluation Methods.

• Creation and assignment of Formulas & Equations.

• Equation System Solver Engine.

• Updatable Contents.

• Report generation, User Progression Monitoring and Statistics.

- ESL-SOF. EDIBON Student Labsoft (Student Software).

ESL-SOF is the application addressed to the Students that helps them to understand theoretical concepts by means of practical exercises and to prove their knowledge and progression by performing tests and calculations in addition to Multimedia Resources. Default planned tasks and an Open workgroup are provided by EDIBON to allow the students start working from the first session. Reports and statistics are available to know their progression at any time, as well as explanations for every exercise to reinforce the theoretically acquired  technical knowledge.

Innovative features:

• Student Log-In & Self-Registration.

• Existing Tasks checking & Monitoring.

• Default contents & scheduled tasks available to be used from the first session.

• Practical Exercises accomplishment by following the Manual provided by EDIBON.

• Evaluation Methods to prove your knowledge and progression.

• Test self-correction.

• Calculations computing and plotting.

• Equation System Solver Engine.

• User Monitoring Learning & Printable Reports.

• Multimedia-Supported auxiliary resources.


Metallic enclosure, including all the modules and elements.

Power Supply.

Protection fuse.

Block diagrams in the front panel.


 Reference signals:

 Step: Amplitude: ± 10 V. Frequency: 0 Hz to 1000Hz.

 Ramp: Amplitude: ±10 V. Frequency: 0 Hz to 1000Hz.

 Sine: Amplitude: ± 10 V. Frequency: 0 Hz to 1000Hz.

 PID controller:

 P controller: Kp: 0 to 10.

 I controller: Ti: 1 ms to 10 ms.

 D controller: Td: 1 ms to 10 ms.


 First Order System:

 Time constant T: 1ms to 100 ms

 Second Order System:

 Damping coefficient x: 0 to 1.5.

 Natural frequency (w n): 1Hz to 2 p*100 rad/s (100 Hz).

Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.

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