Spectrometru Raman- Microscop confocal Raman

It is fully confocal, not compromising image quality, spatial or depth resolution. The SWIFT Fast Raman images are the fastest fully confocal Raman images available, typically 10x faster than conventional Raman imaging.


The simplicity and power of the XploRA PLUS is unmatched with an enhanced range of options such as multiple laser wavelengths, EMCCD detection, Raman polarisation and even Raman-AFM combination.

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Improved detection and sensitivity

Full Confocality  for complete image detail

Full optical microscope so you can see your samples

Maximum detail, resolution and range for enhanced spectroscopy

HORIBA’s OneClick easy Raman analysis

NIST traceable and patented Autocalibration options for validated results

Ultimate optical stability- robust, reliable, long term operation

Automated operation offering simple, powerful reliability

2 year base unit warranty as standard

Future-proof Expansion

Compatible with atomic force microscopes for combined Raman-AFM and TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)

Multiple laser wavelengths – ensures optimal results and minimised fluorescence interference from the widest range of sample types

Full system automation with software control and intuitive operation – non-expert operators can get results fast

Comprehensive Raman spectral libraries for fast Raman chemical identification

Automated particle location and chemical ID with ParticleFinder

Suitable for high throughput screening measurements with MultiWell module.



• Non-destructive

• Non-contact/In-situ sampling

• Reduced sample preparation

• Water/aqueous phase sampling

• Organic/inorganic molecules

• Amorphous/crystalline

Raman is an ideal technique for research and industry offering high quality data, reliability, versatility and improved value for money over other analytical techniques. Benefits not only include the range of samples that are suitable for analysis, but also the information content that is provided.


Interaction of laser light with a sample results in a Raman spectrum - a detailed chemical fingerprint. Combined with an optical microscope, this provides sample identification and chemical imaging on a microscopic scale.

Faster Raman      

  YES with XY stage 

SWIFT™ Imaging                                                 

/ SWIFTXS (with



Optional XY stage & DuoScan™

depending upon version


Confocal Imaging      

0.5 μm XY  

Routine operation                                              


OneClick Auto

Full Microscope



  Standard + High> 1.4 cm-1 FWHM



532, 638, 785 nm  Options                                                          others on request

Chemical identification

• Quality testing

• Process/product troubleshooting

• Contamination and inclusion analysis

• Raw materials inspection

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