Aparat pentru determinarea stabilitatii oxidarii grasimilor lubrifiante prin metoda vasului de oxigen sub presiune

The apparatus consists of a benchtop case containing an aluminium block and the electronics: a touch screen interface on the front permits to control the equipment. Temperature and pressure data are graphically shown and can be retrieved or printed: the software comprehends also a diagnostic and calibration routine. Vessels are equipped with a pressure transducer and a quick connect cable for the connection to the instrument: an oxygen line consisting of a flexible tube with valve and gage permits loading operations.

Producător: Scavini

Model: ASTM D 942 - IP 142

Cod: AD0942-600

Preţ, fără TVA: La cerere


Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


- Enamel finished aluminium and steel case, benchtop version.

- Dry block heater, two, four or six-place.

- 8.4” touch screen color interface that permits to set block temperature, start/stop tests, enter sample data, diagnose and calibrate temperature and pressure sensor. Temperature digital display with 0.1°C accuracy and +/- 0.1°C regulation accuracy connected to Pt100 RTD. Selectable kPa/psi pressure indicators with 0.1 kPa/psi accuracy: high precision electronic pressure sensors 0 to 2000 kPa scale with 0.1% f.s. accuracy.

- Working range: from ambient to 120°C. Regulation accuracy: ± 0.1°C.

- Stainless steel cartridge heaters, SSR controlled.

- Independent safety device against overheating.

- Oxygen distributor with gage and flexible tube with quick connects for rapid filling of the vessels.

- User friendly graphical software complete with diagnose and calibration routine.

- CE marked.



ASTM D 942


+/- 0.1°C

pressure sensors

0 to 2000 kPa

pressure sensors accuracy

0.1% f.s.

Working range:

from ambient to 120°C

Regulation accuracy:

± 0.1°C


N° 2 USB ports, n° 1 RS-232 interface and n° 1 Ethernet port on the back panel for the connection to printers or laboratory network.


- For 220 V/50 Hz connections:

2000 W max power consumption.

Oxidation vessel complete with valve, bursting disk, pressure transducer head cable and connector


Stainless steel dish holder




PT100 simulator


Official Certificate for Pt100 simulator




Gasket for vessel


Glass sample container


ASTM 22C thermometer (+95°C/+103°C)


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