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Evaluates the ability of a lubricating grease to adhere to a metal surface when subjected to a direct water spray under controlled conditions. The percentage of grease sprayed off a stainless steel test panel after a specified period is determined by weight.

Producător: Koehler

Model: K18290

Cod: K18290

Preţ, fără TVA: La cerere


Telefon: 0744.594.794 / 0251.417.664


Conforms to ASTM D4049 specifications

Improved spray chamber design

Complete Water Spray Apparatus meeting ASTM specifications, including spray chamber, delivery system and constant temperature reservoir.

Sprays water at the specified rate and temperature on a test panel coated with sample grease.

To test for water spray resistance, fill reservoir with 8L of tap water and set thermostat at test temperature.

Circulate the water through the system to attain temperature equilibrium and insert the coated test panel in the spray chamber.

Adjust water spray to 40psi (276kPa) and continue for 5 minutes.

Water spray system includes 1⁄3hp positive displacement pump; spray nozzle with snubber fitting: 0-60psi pressure gauge; bypass valve; shut-off and drain valves; and flexible high pressure water lines.

Hinged acrylic spray chamber cover is recessed into the chamber housing to insure watertight operation.

Two thermometer wells permit separate monitoring of reservoir and water spray temperatures.

Standardized grease application fixture coats test panel with the required thickness of sample grease. Uses tap water; does not require water hook-up.

Includes : Stainless Steel Test Panel and Grease Application Fixture



Conforms to the specifications of:

ASTM D4049 Circulation System

Drive Motor:

1⁄3hp, 1725rpm


rotary gear positive displacement type

Pressure Gauge:


Temperature Control Stability:

±1°F (±0.5°C)

Electrical Requirements

220-240V 50Hz, Single Phase, 6.8A


lxwxh,in.(cm): 29x18x331⁄2 (74x46x85)

Net Weight:

110 lbs (49.9 kg)

ASTM 37C Thermometer, Range: –2 to +52°C


Stainless Steel Test Panel


Grease Application Fixture


Evaluates the ability of a lubricating grease to adhere to a metal surface when subjected to a direct water spray under controlled conditions

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